20th Foundation Anniversary Series: DAC

This DAC is a kind of high performance premium 32 bit digital-to-analog converter, it adopts AK4397 Delta-Sigma D/A IC from AKM. This IC has 32 bit powerful processing ability, that makes D/A convert ability more precise and it's help to improve signal reappear of high quality music.

Power System

The unit adopts 4 pieces of low magnetic flux leakage power transformer in total 24 group independent power supply cell,in order to decrease the crossover distortion or interference of different circuit system.

Selectable upsampling mode

The unit could decode after improving the normal CD player output 44.1KHz/16Bito 192KHz/32bit. As a result of sampling advanced, it's can upgrade fidelity and dynamic range. What's more, in order to meet requirement for kinds of audiophile, we specially designed 4 kinds of audio processing mode for selecting : 192KHz/32bit、192KHz/24bit、96KHz/32bit、 96KHz/24bit.

Input & output connector

The unit has 5 path digital input connector and3 kind of output condition which are convenient for you to connect with your audio system. If you use USB cable connect the unit to your PC USB connector, it's could make your PC become part of Hi-Fi system, and through it you could enjoy kinds of high-quality music in your PC. The unit built-in both op-amp IC and tube output circuit, you could choose the output you prefer to enjoy different music experience.

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