Compact Disc Transport CDT

The Xindak CDT is a Top Loading transport based on a Philips CD-PRO2M mechanism, used in hi-end CD-Player. The casing architecture, appearance design and internal circuit are all research out according to Hi-End Class transport.

Power system

The unit adopt 2 pieces of toroidal transformer in total 7 group independent power supply cell, in order to decrease the crossover distortion or interference of each group circuit system,and also minish time base mistake in system, so that can make sure data scream veracity of the CD audio.

Rigidity chassis, that could avoid timbre affected by inside and outside libration

The front panel and top panel are made of wire drawing aluminium plate with modern sense. While the bottom plate is made of 2mm steel plate. According to CDPRO2M mechanism's character, Xindak specially designed a mounting base which is 10mm thick steel and precision aluminium alloy. The mechanism fixed on mounting base by spring suspend way, while the mounting base fixed on the 10mm steel damper, that makes the CDT with excellent aseismic and anti-disturbance. All these characters make CDT can work stable and effective.

The unit has 4 stands which been specially advanced . They are made of aluminium alloy and rubber pad so that could isolate vibration well.

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