DAC-8 D/A Converter

Xindak DAC-8 adopts Xindak patent technology "Bias Technology for Avoiding the Dynamic Invalidation of Capacitor", which can reduce distortion on high frequency and improve the music performance. DAC-8 can improve data stream of common CD into 24Bit/192KHz. It can up-sampling CD data signal which recorded in PCM format firstly and then decode it to get more precision, improve dynamic and high frequency extend range to enrich the layer of music.

The data signal after up-sampling is D/A converted by AD1852 24Bit/192KHz chip. The analog filter circuit adopts low-noise non-inductive resistance and OPA2604 high performance operational amplifier from BB company. Design elaborately dual toroidal transformers and six groups of independence voltage-stability power supplier to offer power, offering plentiful energy and pure-steady power to insure all of the circuit parts work in the best stability state and effectively solve the time base error problem of Jetter.

In order to meet the different requirements from matches of recordings and equipments better, DAC-8 special setting 24Bit/96KHz, 24Bit/192KHz two modes, offering tube and transistor two kinds of output. At the same time, adding remote control for input switch, decode mode switch, volume control and so on to offer better convenience operation.

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