CA-1 Pre-Amplifier

CA-1 is high fidelity preamplifier with separate double mono channel design inside. Both of the amplifying circuit and power circuit are designed as the left and right channel completely separate with each other, to avoid the interference between left and right channel, and make the sound clearer, with more transparency and detail. CA-1 has reasonable design and excellent layout on the circuit inside. In order to improve timbre, it also adopts Xindak patent technology "Bias Technology for Avoiding the Dynamic Invalidation of Capacitor". All of resistors inside are military high precision and low-noise resistor with metal film.
As for the audition feeling, its performance is neutral, and balanced, with good dynamic effect and high fidelity. The sound is transparent, warm and exact focus, also with stable sound field. It can meet the need of audiophiles who have high requests.


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