XA6950 Integrated Amplifier

This unit adopts dual differential complementary symmetrical pushpull amplifying. FET (field effect transistor) is put to good use for the track amplifier while the following stage adopts symmetric current negative feedback circuit with wide frequency response range and low distortion.

For each channel, there are two stages for impulse, with four pairs of well-selected high-quality HI-FI high-power geminate transistors as field effect tube output with wide dynamic range and strong controlling ability in low frequency.

The two high-power annual transformer supply power for the left and right channels, as well as preceding and following stages independently with the following stage equipped with fast rectifying bridge and low impedance servo power supply for the preceding stage.
The volume control adopts the blue large-size ALPS motor potentiometer and operated by the unique method of “analog potentiometer by indirectly digital control” of our company which ensures the shortest delivering path and lower signal distortion. With VFD displaying screen, the whole screen looks superb and generous, as well as being equipped with a full functional remote control board.

The complete unit is controlled by microcomputer with varied protecting functions to provide safety and convenient use.

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