The First Glance on Integrated Amplifier Xindak XA6950
Public Date: 2005/4/13
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For: Elegant & solid design; smooth, clean, well focused sound
Against: insufficient brightness of display; absence of "Standby" option
Verdict: High quality amplifier with reasonable attractive price
Right after we'd got Xindak amplifier XA 6950 for testing and convinced that its price was as it mentioned above we've started to conduct thorough inspection of amplifier which showed us no flaws in its design that we should worry about. The whole assembly is well manufactured and is neat. Indeed, we think that even such details as semi rounded bolts extruding beyond the level of lower panel can probably make happy the lovers of so called "military"
products presented on the market in rather small quantities.
The only uncomfortable thing we found at the very beginning was the insufficient brightness of display and perhaps we should rebuke the manufacturer for this.
Sometimes, for example, we had to run towards the amplifier to find the reason for sound absence (was the necessary input not connected or was the level of sound just very low). We couldn't simply use the remote control that was comfortably laid in hand.
Later while testing the amplifier performance we've encountered on another uncomfortable moment. Having rather "hot temperament" in order to reach the best level of performance the amplifier needs some time to warm up. During the first 15 minutes after turning amplifier on the sound is just slowly improving.
The power consumption 350 Watt makes this warm up time from economical point of view is not justifiable. The developer should consider energy saving regime for this warm up period and spending less time for it and also the developer should consider the remote control option that allows to switch from energy saving regime to normal work condition.
The heat coming from the amplifier is pleasant during the cold winter days, but it's not enjoyable all year around.
The amplifier has transparent and clean middle range that makes music presentation for listener very attractive and pleasant. It has handled easily rather difficult record of Bjork's vocal exercises and for a moment we've become admirers of this unusual singer-girl. Playing Alfie sound track we've found that Mike's Jagger familiar voice sounds very truthfully and clear, mostly due to the great ability of amplifier to focus the sources of sound.
Vital and articulated bass presentation when Xindak amplifier XA 6950 is used in acoustic system proves without any doubts that the amplifier works very well with loudspeakers. Though upper frequencies presentation is a little bit soft when the amplifier is connected through the asymmetrical input, it can not be considered as a serious shortcoming due to abundance of high frequencies in contemporary records and due to common "coarse temper" of metallic audio equipment.
As a special feature the amplifier has its own unusual micro dynamics that gives imperturbable smoothness and preciseness to the character of amplifier's performance. For example, due to this feature the record of Elvis Castello is presented light and free, without excessive sharpness, though the hip-hop fans might complain on the absence of usual force drive that they got used to have in amplifiers referring to class AB.
In the conclusion we can say that in its entirety (from appearance to performance) the amplifier Xindak XA6950 makes a strong impression on listeners. If you have had any money left in your pocket after Holiday's spending - you surely wouldn't be able to resist the desire to buy it.
Note: Review from magazine "What Hi-Fi", Russian edition, January 2005
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