Difference Caused by Carbon Fiber-Xindak CFA-1 Interconnect Cable
Public Date: 2007/6/10
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Date: May,11th 2007
Author/Passage: Zhou Ning
Many years ago I firstly learnt about audio product, mainly on various Hi-Fi loudspeakers, amplifiers and players. Respecting cable, which is simple but also complex audio accessory, is barely learnt about on the brands themselves only, such as XLO, NBS, Siltech, Uitralink, Cardas, Monster and Van Den Hul etc. All the time, people are not familiar with these High-Class brands by the reasons that they didn't fully learn about them or their cables are too expensive. However as the rapid development of state audio cable industry, more and more audio manufactures have gotten into this field, even with an outstanding achievement. Xindak Electronic. Co.Ltd, in the mainland, is just the one of the few outstanding audio cable manufactures in state. The worldwide audio manufactures are striving to search a new material for cables which could replace the current metal conductor. By the background, Xindak developed the carbon fiber interconnect cable CFA-1 which is very cost-effective. It is silver twinkling figured, and adopts high grade CMC RCA connectors, ensuring a more reliable use and low lose of the signal.
Different from the pure metal interconnect cable, Xindak CFA-1 is the first one adopting mixture of special carbon fiber and metal conductor among this brand. The positive polarity for this cable, is composed of four strands of wires, and each strand is consisted of 6,000 pieces high purity and high saturation 6µm diameter carbon fibers. The negative polarity and which also functions as the electromagnetism shielding layer, is consisted of four strands. Each strand contains 19 pieces of 0.12mm diameter silver-gilt OFC wires. Because of the high steady physical, chemical characters and the special microstructure of the carbon fiber, there would be no 'Skin Effect' and the influence on sound because of effect from the interface and edge of the metal conductor during the metal processing, such as tizzy sound and distortions, which is called as crossover distortion. What is most important, the characters of carbon fibers will not attenuate as time passed. Because of these advantages, this cable could afford better exquisite, soft, natural sound and rich musicality comparing to the ones in equal price I heard before.
We connect the CFA-1 between Denon 13CD-1650SR CD-Player and Junson JA-99D amplifier, with the Elac FSI 27 loudspeaker and then play on CD <i>River Water</i>. The sound performance surprises some audiophiles at present who prefer imported audio products only. What a special interconnect cable it is! It could make this mixed audio combination (Chinese device and Western device) so exquisite with some musicality, transparent and no blurring. Comparing to western string music, eastern is more soft and harmony. Putting on CD <i>Moon for Love</i> song by TangChan, as one well known singer in China whose sound is crisp and fair, sings just like pied magpie. Her sound is liquid, pure, fascinating with some gentleness. CFA-1 has the extrusive rising extending on the tractility of high and ultra-high, as the feeling of arrow shooting into air. Enjoying the last CD from Ray, Charles, Genius Loves Company, you could feel the sound is so close to us. As the last special work, although it is the work of leaving the world, it shows no senility, instead we can image the young Ray, Charles still, whose sound is of magnetism and full with some strong attractiveness.
As excellent cable with low price, besides the nature and gentleness of sound character, the most attractive point of CFA-1 is the comprehensiveness on the performance of music. Now let's get into the music world of Callas to feel her famous soprano. At this time, you can hear the melodious sound as fired into air, high frequency is bright and sonorous, the string is transparent and gentle. The whole music is so nice and the voice is gorgeous, nature and pure. As well you can feel the great vigour of a whole music band, certainly it is a huge, natural sound field with strong broad depth, which is full among the whole listening room, makes you staying in the present opern. Comparing to the other transmitting cables in equal price, the low frequency can not be shown very well. While today when we learn about CFA-1, its low frequency is on a distinguished level of deep powerful, solid with flexibility, it is similar to the charm of Tai Chi and the Eight Diagrams such as <i>tender against strong</i>. It brings us strong power and aggressive vigour during the process of listening to <i>Instigate the Heartstring</i>.