XA8800MNE(II) Mono Power Amplifier

Designed as a separate mono-channel structure, XA8800MNE(II) is a Class A amplifier with fully- balanced output.  the auto-coupling output transformer to improve the load, the power transmission characteristics, and eliminate digital sound, improve the sound quality and sound field orientation, the effect is remarkable.

Voltage amplifying stage adopts multistage amplifying, not only ensures enough voltage gain but also raises the input impedance to reach excellent match between the different stages, greatly reduce the effect on the high frequency by the transistor junction capacitance. Thus the frequency width could be raised, the output characteristic curve of the bipolar transistor could be improved, the distortion of this stage could be reduced and high stabilization could be achieved.

On the current drive stage, it adopts high power FET to supply drive current for the end stage. The parallel output transistors on the end stage could reduce the output impedance, increase the output power, and improve the load capability with low resistor.

The static working current of 8 pairs of 2SA1295/2SC3264 high-power SANKEN transistors on the end stage as parallel output is about 300mA and each transistor works in the special linear area where current is higher. This could eliminate crossover distortion and switch distortion efficiently and reduce the output impedance. Equipped with impedance compensatory network including L、Rs、Rz and C on the output terminal, the load of this unit will be closer to pure resistor and difficult to cause self-excitation. Meanwhile, it could afford bigger damp to enhance the controlling ability of this unit to the loudspeaker.

supply separately. Additionally the power supply for the power amplifying, voltage amplifying and protecting circuit are separated.the power supply for the power amplifying part is equipped with 50A bridge rectifier and 60,000uF filtering capacitance and supplies power directly after commutating and filtering; the power supply for the voltage amplifying adopts stable power supply with fast speed, low noisy, low impedance and strong ability to avoid the “ripple” to avoid the modulating disturbance caused by fluctuation of the power on the following stage and make the sound purer.

Sound Features of this unit:

Because XA8800MNE(II) is a Class A amplifier with fully- balanced output, the sound of this unit is very thick, mellow, sweet and warm with high transparency and high speed. The extension on high frequency is very clear and exquisite, the taste and analysis of music are very excellent in middle frequency and in low frequency the flexibility and sense of weight are very clear.  Replay music is extremely vitality and appeal.

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