H1 Headphone Amplifier

H1 headphone amplifier is specially designed for Hi-Fi & PC system. If you use USB cable connect the unit to your PC USB connector, it's could make your PC become part of Hi-Fi system, and through it you could enjoy kinds of high-quality music in your PC.


  • Class A power amplifier circuit, high SNR and low distortion.
  • Built-in high performance USB DAC (PCM2704).
  • Standard-B type of USB connector.
  • Two 6.35mm headphone jacks.

Rear Panel

Technical ParametersProduct Details Photo
Parameter NameParameter Values
Input Impedance47K
OutputRCA*1, 6.35mm headphone jacks*2
InputRCA*1, USB *1
Rated Output Power330mW/16欧
Net Weight1.6Kg
Dimensions (W*H*D)150mm*70mm*230mm
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