MS-8/MS-9 vacuum tube amplifier

MS-8 uses EL34 as the power amplifier tube, 12AX7 served as the preamplifier, composed of 6SN7 long-tail phase inversion drive circuit. Using ALPS motor potentiometer to control volume, high-quality relay switch the input signal, transformer way to balance input. Power supply choosing the EI broadband sound output transformer, with low magnetic leakage, high reliable. The left and right channels using the independent rectifier and filter circuit to supply power. Power amplifier stage using the fixed grid load. Tube socket using the high quality Teflon CMC gold-plated tube socket. MS-8 with high quality sound, clear and transparent, delicate and mellow, also warm and sweet. It could promote the Bookshelf Speakers and floor speakers, for the study roon and a roon of 20 square meters to use.

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