MT-2 Mini Vacuum Tube Amplifier/Headphone Amplifier

MT-2 is an integrated amplifier adopts tube amplifying and also can use as headphone amplifier. The units appearance is very exquisite and small, which width is only 26cm.

The circuit adopts 6P1 vacuum tube as its amplifying tube which form pre-amplifying and drive with 6J1 tube. Adopts Xindak E type special made broadband output transformer, about power supply, it’s adopts 85w high reliability E type power transformer.

Besides providing 6.35mm headphone output Jack,it also have USB interface build-in. Trough USB connect cable connect to computer which installed windows system , the device can use as external USB audio DAC.

Its voice is clear and transparent, exquisite, mellow, warm and melting.

This product have two different version, the one MT-2(II) equipped with the aluminum alloy brushing panel.

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