MS-3 Monoblock Tube Power Amplifier

MS-3 adopts KT88(6550) tubes which are especially for audio amplify as amplify tubes. The preliminary amplifier stage adopts a 12AX7(ECC83) tube. In addition, a 12AT7 tube composes of a long-tail phase-reversal push-pull circuit. The following stage adopts two KT88/6550 tubes for power amplifying, which are especially for audio amplifiers. The output transformer is high quality EI type with wider frequency response. The power supply part adopts 280W high quality annular transformer with less magnetic leakage. Specific voltage regulator is equipped for supplying stable grid negative voltage to the power amplifier tube. Rubycon capacitors are adopted for filter on the power supply part, and WIMA capacitors and five ring precision resistors are adopted for amplifier part. In addition, vintage capacitors are adopted for tuning. The sound is transparent, liquid, smooth. delicate and sweat. It can drive loudspeaker easily because of its high output power.

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