DAC-9 D/A Convertor

DAC9 can raise the output data stream of the ordinary CD-Player from 44.1KHz/16Bit to 192KHz/24Bit, then improve its precision, and return the original analog signal to be more fidelity, and plentiful in details. Therefore, the sound fidelity and dynamic range have been enhanced greatly. Meanwhile,in order to meet the different requirements, the switchable function of the sampling rate has been added,and two sampling rate,192KHz/24Bit and 96KHz/24Bit, are set for choosing. So that the customer could appreciate the music by choose the different rate, according to its different interests and disc.

In addition, the USB interface is specially designed in this D/A Converter, It can be connected with PC,and then transmit the music in the PC or on the Internet to your HIFI system. Also,the user could select the different data process and the sampling rate for the dissimilar tastes and the audio data. The perfect and excellent circuit has been adopted in this machine, which has been developed and experimentally proved by Xindak for many years.

Besides it, Xindak patent technology “Bias Technology for Avoiding the Dynamic Invalidation of Capacitor”is also used in it. The buffering tube output makes the sound more melodious. In the section of power supply, the two annular transformers is supplying the power to the digital and the analog part separately. The circuit in all stages has been winding, and filtrating , and regulating independently, and then supply the power, thereby, to make sure the circuit in all stage can be stable in the best working condition. Excellent materials has been adopted in this D/A Converter.

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