CS300 Tube Integrated Amplifier

CS300 Tube Integrated Amplifier adopted the 300B for single-end class A Amplification. The direct-heating dynatron has very small internal resistance and stable emission efficiency in cathode. With excellent amplification performance, high fidelity, low distortion, the audio signal is reproduced well and the voice is clear,transparent, exquisite, mellow,warm and melting. 12AX7 is adopted to consist the standard amplification circuit in input stage, while the driving end adopt tube 6SN7GT/G combined tube coupled directly with the power amplification transformer to match the impedance resistance and separation segregation of the levels. The circuit design also adopt Xindak patented technology to make the driving circuit perfect. In the amplification level the direct-heating tube 300B was adopted, and the advanced EI 50/3.5kΩ output transformer, stabilize the fixed grid negative voltage and the work status.

To judge the tube amplifier’s quality, the power transformer and the components selected are vital parts. Two pieces of military-level annulus power transformer was adopted for filament negative voltage and for Hi voltage separately. The tube 5U4G is adopted for commutation. Besides, the CLC ruby capacitor filter, Amplifier tube grid negative voltage, specific manostat were adopted to enhance the stability of this device.

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