Muse 08 series

Muse 08 series CD-Players are launched based on Xindak Muse series CD-Player of good reputation. They remain the same sound style of the Muse series CD-Player, but with improvement on technology specification and optimization on operation function. Muse 08 series CD-Players adopt Samsung series mechanism and Philips CD18 servo system design solution, which support 24bit/192Khz sampling rate.

1) Switchable sampling rate design:

These products can enhance ordinary 44.1KHz/16bit data stream from the ordinary CD-Player to 24Bit/192KHz or 24Bit/96KHz by digital processing, and then decode them to obtain higher processing precision. That solution can upgrade the dynamic range and the extension of high frequency, which makes the timbre full and rich.

2) Delicately designed DAC:

24Bit/192KHz Multibit ∑△ DAC chip AD1852 from AD company for D/A converting. As to their analog filter circuit, they adopt low-noise & low-inductance resistors and OPA2604 high-powered operation amplifier from BB company.

3) Delicately designed power supply:

The AC power supply part adopts the design with electromagnetism shield and power supply purification. A high-efficient main transformer is adopted. The power for the digital and analogy circuit are separately supplied by a plurality of regulated power supply, which ensures plentiful and pure power. All of above can insurance all parts of circuit to work in the most stable condition, solve the jitter problem effectively.

4) Patent technology:

The new CD-Players adopt Xindak patent technology “capacitor voltage bias technology”, which can reduce the distortion of high frequency, and improve the music performance.

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