MS-6 (V60) Mono Block Tube Power Amplifier

V60 is a new mono block tube power amplifier launched by Xindak. It adopts standard amplifier drive circuit design consisted by 6SN7GT/G and 2A3C, and high power heaterless tube FU-5 (805) as single-ended Class A amplification. The character of this tube is full at even-order harmonic, the sound performance is gentle and pure, with wide sound stage and high solution, full at the character of tube sound. Combined with Xindak VP-2, is excellent on the performance.

Signal input stage adopts direct coupling amplifier consisted by 6SN7GT/G. The character for this stage is good at dynamic range, frequency response and amplifying linearity. This stage and drive stage adopt the new patent technology of Xindak 'Avoid capacitor dynamic invalidation' both.

Drive stage adopts heaterless triode 2A3C, which with excellent amplifying linearity and lower inner insistence, and also high quality drive transformer, in order to compose excellent combination with end stage circuit together.

The power amplifier stage adopts the Class A single-ended amplifier circuit design consisted by FU-5. The load impedance for the tube is 8.5K, and the anode operating current is set as 90mA as the initialization and the rated output power is 28W.

The power supply part adopts two high power toroidal transformers, one is 100W for the power supply to the filament and grid of all tubes. The other one is 200W transformer, who supplies power to anode of tube FU-5, and also the other part for tube 6SN7GT/G and 2A3C. Those two transformer are completely separate with each other , in order to avoid the interference between each other. Because the direct current for FU-5 is 1050V, in order to assure the steady and reliability of the circuit, the power transformer supplies the power by separate three winding in series after commutating filter. The positive grid voltage is supplied by regulator IC, the anode operating current is adjustable, and the whole device work very steadily.

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