FS-Gold SE Speaker Cables

Mr Junyan Ling, the board chairman and chief engineer of Chengdu Xindak Electronic Co. Ltd, graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology with a major in Instrumentation. He then worked as an engineer in the Ministry of Electricity and the Ministry of Broadcasting. He entered into the audio field in 1990 with a lifetime of enthusiasm for music, and a commitment to improving Hifi technology. He now has more than ten years rich and successful experience in the area. Over these years he has designed loudspeakers, amplifiers, capacitors for acoustic use and more than 10 models of acoustic cables. These products have made Xindak famous all over the world. Mr Ling has three patents for cable technologies, including “Flat Foil-type Audio cable”, ”Low capacitive reactance Flat Foil-type Loudspeaker cable” and “Coaxial cable with frequency-divided transmission for audio use”. The novel structure of Xindak cables is unique in China and internationally. In 2006, Mr. Ling developed a new product in the Gold series cable range, the FS-Gold SE Speaker Cable.

Based on the Gold and Silver Alloy Foil-type Loudspeaker FS-Gold, the signed version of FS-Gold-SE is the top-grade product, tested and upgrated by Mr. Ling himself. The sectional views of the two cables are as following:

It can be seen from the drawing that the FS-Gold-SE gold and silver alloy foil-type Loudspeaker Cable follows the patented "sandwich" structure mentioned above. To find out the detailed characteristics of this patented structure, please refer to information about the FS-Gold Loudspeaker Cable or visit our website. There are two major differences between the two cables: First of all, the signature version uses two layers of Gold and Silver Alloy Foil while FS-Gold uses just one layer; Secondly, the signature version has the more expensive and advanced 0680Ag and 0644Cu banana plugs made by WBT. It is the change of the structure and materials that makes the sound of FS-Gold-SE more vivid and beautiful with an amazing feeling of power, density with delicacy and finesse throughout the whole listening space.

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