MT-3 Integrated Tube Amplifier

MT-3 integrated amplifier supplies Hifi triode connection mode and standard pentode connection two models as optional. The main reason for that is for decreasing the distortion, widening frequency response and increasing dynamic range. In addition, this amplifier adopts ALPS potentiometer for volume control, rotary switch and high quality relay switch the input signal channels, push switch as the power switch, high power toroidal transformer with less magnetic leakage as the power supply, and also EI transformer as the output transformer. This amplifier could drive the bookshelf loudspeakers and floor stand loudspeakers both. The sound is balanced, delicate and liquid. The engineer especially recommends this amplifier for middle or small listening room.


1) Completely separate power supply on the right and left channel

2) High power annular transformer

3) Utilize four EL34 vacuum tubes for power amplifying, one 12AX7 tube for pre-stage amplifying and two 6N8P tubes for phase converter driving

4) Adopt 6N8P (6SN7GT)×2 as the drive and guide tubes

5) The most outstanding character of this model is the excellent sound field location, thus, the sound is not only warm but also very balanced

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