XF-2000ES Power Conditioner

XF-2000ES is a high-quality power conditioner. The internal high power isolation toroidal transformer could clean the clutter and noise, and then let the system present more excellent sound quality.

This unit adopts the multilevel bidirectional exact filtering network which is made up of high-quality capacitor and inductance, with phase detecting and adjusting system and power voltage meter at the same time, which could meet the requirements from audiophiles further. In addition, the sound source group adopts also a 200W high-power annual transformer equipped with high-quality capacity to achieve the exact noise-shielding network with the front and following stage separated.

Output Sockets for Sound Source: 200W (2 ways)

Output Sockets for Digital Accessories: 300W(2 ways)

Output Sockets for Power Amplifier: 1200W (2 ways)

Output Sockets for Preamplifier: 700W (2 ways)

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