XF1000ES Power Conditioners


XF-1000ES is a model of high-quality power filter, which is designed basing on XF-1000E, but with voltage meter.

This unit adopts the multilevel bidirectional exact filtering network which is made up of high-quality capacitor and inductance, with phase detecting and adjusting system and power voltage meter at the same time, which could meet the requirements from audiophiles further.

In addition, besides XF-1000ES with universal outlets, we also supply XF-1000E with Schuko outlets, which is especially for the unsage in Europe countries.

Outlets for Digital Accessories: 3A (4 ways)

Outlets for Preamplifier/Accessories: 5A (2 ways)

Outlets for Power Amplifier: 5.5A (2 ways)

[b]Available Version[/b]

Universal Outlets, Schuko Outlets and USA Outlets.

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