A06 Integrated Amplifier


  • 2 RCA inputs;1 Coaxial input; 1 Optical input; 1 USB input.
  • Built-in high performance USB DAC.
  • Remote Control.

A06 is a stereo integrated amplifier with full remote control system. It is a quality entry level Hi-Fi product, specially designed for the music enthusiasts and audiophile beginners.

The A06 adopts toroidal transformer to supply power and the relay take charges of the input switch. In order to increase the reliability and avoid the bad contact of the relay incurred by improper use, it cancelled the relay of the loudspeaker output. The voltage amplifier stage adopts AD712 for amplifying while the first stage of the power amplifying adopts FET to achieve differential amplifying. The 2SD667/2SB647 geminate transistors are used for voltage amplifying. The output stage on both channels adopts 2 pairs of Sanken 2SC4468/2SA1695 power transistors.

This unit has perfect self-protection functions: power on delay protection, current protection and power off protection, which could ensure this unit work in safe condition all the time.

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