V20 Integrated Amplifier

The Xindak V20 Integrated Tube Amplifier is based on a classic circuit design enhanced by the use of specially designed EI output transformers to achieve the ultimate performance from the EL34 valves. The V20 also utilizes a triode connection to lower distortion and achieve a wider frequency response than available from a normal connection. These advances yield considerable improvements in fine detail and soundstage.

The volume control is an ALPS motor drive potentiometer which produces lower noise and improved channel symmetry. The remote control provides more convenience for users by managing both volume and input signal channel switching. Inside, the V20 minimizes the signal path by using a relay system to switch the input signal, producing an observable improvement in the SNR. Power supply has an overspecification 450W EI transformer. In addition, the power supplies to the preamplifier and power amplifier stages are completely separate, in order to improve channel separation and the SNR.

Because of the dynatron connection, the V20 has a superbly balanced sound, with exquisite detail in the high frequencies, warm but accurate midrange and powerful lower frequencies. In addition, the EL 34 enhances the sound with the transparency that is characteristic of this tube.

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