S06 Loudspeakers


S06 adopts two way crossover whose performance is pretty good in phase, frequency response and transient response. After aborative test and adjustment by our audio engineers, the sound is transparent with good sound reproduction and warm tone.

S06 uses Morel dome tweeter which makes the sound mellow and exquisite. The bass-mid unit is specially made by Xindak for S06, which has 120mm alnico, high intensity voice coil with good heat dissipation, high quality wool paper and high intensity rubber suspension ring which makes the bass extended and flexible. The cabinet is made of quality MDF (Medium Density Fiber) Board. The surface of the cabinet is high quality wood veneer which is polished as natural color.

Tone: This loudspeaker is transparent, and with good solution. The whole feeling on this speaker is warm and comfortable.

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