FA-1 Analogue Interconnects Cable

This kind of line is one of middle class Hi-Fi lines among XINDAK Foil Ribbon Signal Line (FRSI). Its backing adopts imported multi-chip 5N single crystal oxygen-free copper(Cu) foil with a unique insulation way and a rarefied bilateral spiral winding way, adding a special fillings of vibration damper and avoiding noise, and compactly woven masking net of silver-plated oxygen-free copper. The line is covered with a PVC tube and then decorated with beautiful nylon net. Its end socket adopts US-made high grade CMC 24K gold-plated nonmagnetic plug. So it looks and feels excellent.

High frequency (HF) and median frequency (MF) resolution is quite excellent when you are listening music with this line, and tone is exquisite and elegant feeling like silk. MF is brave with verve, vigorous and stylish with artistic conception of elegance, especially suitable for classical music. Low frequency (LF) is not strained but coherent with its tone color soft. This product is a well deserved and first class one with high price-performance..

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