XF2000E Power Conditioners


XF-2000E is a high-quality power filter with sound source group and can solve the problems of impure tone and messy sound field caused by the noise of electronic network during the working process of audio equipments and separate the sound source and electronic network and ensure the sound source output purer without pollution.

This unit adopts multilevel bidirectional exact filtering network which is made of high-quality capacitors and inductances and the sound source group adopts high-power annual transformer equipped with high-quality capacity and conductances to achieve the exact noise-shielding network with the front and following stage separated.

In addtion, besides the XF-2000E with univeral sockets, for European audiophiles use purpose, we also supply this power conditioner designed with Schuko Socket specially.

Output Sockets for Sound Source: 200W (2 ways)

Output Sockets for Digital Accessories: 300W(2 ways)

Output Sockets for Power Amplifier: 1200W (2 ways)

Output Sockets for Preamplifier: 700W (2 ways)

[b]Available Version[/b]

Universal sockets and Schuko sockets.

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