FS-0.5 Speaker Cables

It has a basic structure of four-layered 5N monocrystal oxygen-free (OCC) foil ribbon with a width of 18mm and a thickness of 0.125mm. It has two poles—positive and negative. The two inner ribbons, plated with an alloy of silver and tin, are incorporated into one piece as the positive pole, and its surface is wound with two-layered isolating medium of polytetrafluoroethylene or polypropylene, which has an ideal dielectric constant, so as to isolate negative pole. The two copper ribbons, wrapping the positive pole, are used as negative pole and concurrently as shielding layer. Its outer layer is fixed and molded with a thick PVC material, which is softly and comfortably touched. And it has a nylon protective cover, which is anti-folding, elastic and good-looking with stripes of white and black. Short circuit rings are added at the line's ends to enhance its ability of anti-interference against environment electromagnetic waves. Its tone color is alike to FS-1,so it has a better cost performance.

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