FP-1 Power Cables

FP-1 is a intermediate-quality or high-quality power supply wire which is newly produced and marketed by Xindak Inc. The wire is intertwisted together with 4N silver wires and imported oxygen-free copper wires, and elaborately made by means of special technologies. A shielding mesh plating a coating of silver metal on its surface was specially sheathed outside the wire body. Through this way, the bad influence incurred by miscellaneous electromagnetism waves can be avoided to the greatest extent, and the purity of playback tone can also be improved. The chosen superior medical application class?ˉ power supply plugs can assure that it itself can well be contacted with the power supply terminals so that the kinetic energy for your system can continuously be supplied. Length: 1.5 Meter Quantity: 1 Piece Other: The length can be made as your requirement
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