FA-2 Analogue Interconnects Cable

FA-2 internal conductors adopts the mixture structure of high purity silver foil and copper wire and silver wire, the shielding layer is compactly woven masking net of silver-plated oxygen-free copper.The line is decorated with a soft, transparent PVC tube and therefore looks bright silvered. Its end socket adopts US-made high grade CMC 24K gold-plated nonmagnetic plug.

Foil ribbon transmission line can be maximize improve the "skin effect" of the high frequency signals during the process of conductor transmission, so as to effectively reduce the characteristics impedance of the transmission wire. In addition, the special technology of spiral winding can further reduce capacitance between the foil wires, reduce greatly the distortion of phase and range, make the music more clear and the transient better. Moreover, due to the superconduct function of the pure silver foil, can conduct more subtle audio current, so make the music clearer conduct the signal, richer music gradation, feels excellent when listening.

High and Median frequency (HF&MF) resolution is quite excellent when you are listening music with this line, and tone is exquisite and elegant feeling like silk, also brave with verve, vigorous and stylish with artistic conception of elegance, especially suitable for classical music. Low frequency (LF) is not strained but coherent with its tone color soft like continuous and muscular Taiji Kungfu. This product is a well deserved, with high value also high quality, a really high-end wire.

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